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 Traffic, construction and parking alerts.

* Beginning Friday, March 15 through July 31, 2014 Shafer Street between the W. Broad Street Deck alley and W. Grace Street will be closed in both directions. The sidewalk and curb lane of Shafer Street from the intersection of W. Grace Street to the alley will be closed. The alley will also be closed. Westbound parking and travel lanes of W. Grace Street between Shafer Street and 910 W. Grace Street will be closed.

* The City is planning to start a project to replace the water main under Grace Street on May 13. They will start at the east end barricade for the West Grace Street Student Housing - North project and work towards Belvidere. The traffic pattern will mimic the 800 block with the west bound lanes blocked and two way traffic using the remaining travel and parking lanes. They hope to complete 100-200 feet/day and will use barrels to mark the lanes so that they can progress quickly down the street. Traffic will be slow and congested so if possible, use another route to get around campus.