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Student Transit Pass

VCU offers discounted GRTC Student Transit Passes to all VCU students. With this pass, you have easy and affordable access to convenient transportation around the Richmond Metro area. Just show your VCUCard and student transit pass when boarding, and you can ride any GRTC bus at any time!

2015 Fall semester rates:
  • Full-time students - $100 per semester
  • Part-time students - $ 50 per semester
Full-time status for the fall and spring semesters is defined as:
  • Undergraduate - 12 or more credit hours
  • Graduate - 9 or more credit hours
Part-time status for the fall and spring semesters is defined as:
  • Graduate and undergraduate - a minimum of 3 credit hours
Your student transit pass will be automatically cancelled if your student status changes from part-time to full-time during the semester. If you would like to continue using this service, you must purchase a full-time student transit pass for an additional $50. Replacement transit cards can be purchased at the customer service office.

Participants classified as both a VCU employee and student are not eligible to purchase the student transit pass.

      Fall 2014 Purchase GRTC Transit Pass

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