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VCU Parking and Transportation strives to effectively manage its parking inventory and transportation program to support the teaching, research and public service mission of Virginia Commonwealth University. VCU Parking and Transportation manages a combination of surface lots and structured parking decks, and it contracts with a service provider to operate intercampus and intra-campus transit routes. Please feel free to email your parking and transportation questions to, and a representative will respond as soon as possible.

    Purchase Fall Student Parking

To purchase a Summer 2014 Parking Permit or a GRTC transit pass, please visit one of the office locations.

Fall 2014:
   Purchase a Fall 2014 GRTC Transit Pass
Statement regarding student GRTC Transit Pass Program pricing.

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MCV Campus Web Sale began at 7am on July 1.

Monroe Pk Campus Web Sale will begin at 7am on July 15.

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